Our Story

In a world where everything is readily available at our fingertips and we are spoiled for choice we wanted to create a unique brand for both mummy and baby, something that was practical, of the highest quality and stylish.

A brand that boasted care and thought for the sometimes forgotten mothers and for those little Bubsy Bu’s. When my little Bubsy turned 6 months I was so excited to introduce solid foods to him, I decided to straight away use the baby led weaning approach of introducing solids. I was blown away by how this little 6 month old boy was so instinctively able to explore and play with his food.

Although the first month or so it felt as if he was feeding the floor or any other part of his face rather than his mouth. I did so much research and explored so many different ranges of products that would make the experience of self-feeding easier for my little boy and also what would make things easier to minimise the cleaning afterwards! I found that all the bowls and plates I used allowed my little one to put too much on his spoon which would be flung to the ceilings or were easily pulled off from their suction grip which meant the food went everywhere! Anything I did like was very costly and I still wasn’t happy with colours or ranges of design.

So I decided to research and look for a supplier who created what my image of beautiful and practical baby tableware is and thus Bubsy Bu was born.

Our Mission

We want to help make the transition to solid foods easy for both baby and mum, as well as stylish! We chose products like our Orb Bowls and our Mini Utensils range that are practical and easy for baby, with designs to help ensure that there’s less chance of choking and less chance of floor to ceiling spills. All our products have been carefully handpicked and designed so that we can offer nothing less than the best. We want you to be able to enjoy an already nerve-racking experience with a little less stress and for us to continue to grow as a business by offering new and exciting useful products!